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From Mama to Mummy

For Christmas my husband got me a necklace that said “Mama.” I loved it; just as I loved hearing my little boy say it. It was like a sweet little song meant only for me.

And I got my husband a wallet that had “Dada” embossed on it. He cried when he opened it. He showed it off proudly.

So of course a week after Christmas our son started calling us “Mummy” and “Daddy.” Why wouldn’t he? He has impeccable timing. A real cheeky devil. But that was our first glimpse at his transition into toddlerhood.

You know it’s coming. The inevitability of it. But I assure you, it doesn’t soften the blow. It hits you like a brick wall. It did me anyways. You can go up a size in diapers, they can start using a sippy cup, even start walking. But it doesn’t compare to the moment when you actually hear them growing up.

Coincidentally, the necklace broke that same week. I cried a little.